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Osterley Lodge

Next Meeting

Tuesday 5th April 2022

Osterley Chapter

Next Meeting

Tuesday 28th June 2022

Osterley's Other Get Togethers

As Masons we meet four times per year to practise our ritual in the temple, however we also meet lots of other times during any year where our wives and families are all invited to come along and partake in whatever the festivities. In fact it could be said that we will meet anywhere, anytime at the drop of a hat and we will gather at various functions and events ranging from the fully suited and booted Ladies Night and Black tie occasions to the more low brow Skittles evening, horse racing and curry night or visiting local attractions of interest to our members, most of which usually involve  an attraction followed by food and drink.

These are usually sourced and researched by our Lodge events coordinator and members can then decide which they would like to attend

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